Kissht EMI Card

Kissht EMI Card is our attempt to bridge the gap in the finance market and offer hassle free, user friendly credit to our customers with zero waiting time. With the preapproved credit limit, customers can shop at over 3000+ offline outlets, 50+ online stores and also withdraw cash to tide over emergency instantly at extremely low interest rates. . With Kissht EMI Card, customers do not need to wait till the pay day for shopping or worry about how they will meet emergency expenses. Moreover, the customers can avail special offers on personal loan, business loans and more.

Kissht Credit Score

We have reinforced the power of digital lending to reach out to the vast volume of credit worthy “thin filed” customers by providing them with psychography based alternate credit score. Our proprietary credit decision engine is built with next generation technologies such as deep machine learning and artificial intelligence that quickly scours through 10000 data points per application to assess, analyse and evaluate credit worthiness of our customers within few minutes.  With high precision, Kissht Credit Score provides quick financing options to 90% under-financed, under-served population of India.

Kissht Franchise

Kissht Franchise is a revolutionary product that empowers the underwritten, under-financed Indians with no access to finance options. With Kissht Franchise, we have created an open and flexible infrastructure that enables a personalised borrowing experience to our customers in form of Personal loans, business loans and consumer loans. We offer our customers flexibility and make a choice depending on their exact needs.

Kissht POS

Kissht POS is an innovative product with customer centric approach. It enables customers to shop from over 3000+ offline outlets without the hassle of carrying cash. Kissht POS is also accepted at over 50 online outlets and counting. Moreover, our service oriented architecture and digital enabled data allow customers to get their credits approved in matter of few seconds as also allows emergency cash withdrawals.

Kissht Scan & Pay Credit Wallet

Kissht Scan & Pay Credit Wallet affirms our leadership and agility in technology development arena. Taking the technological solutions to the next level for better customer experience, we designed Kissht Scan & Pay Credit Wallet. Our customers can simply scan Kissht QR code at over 3000+ merchant partners outlet and pay hassle free. The payment gets credited to the merchant bank account. Our app does away with the need to carry multiple debit, credit cards and gives customers a truly enhanced shopping experience.